"a cup of coffee is an exceedingly variable unit"...with a group of scientists finding that a cup in Scotland, Italy and Spain could vary from 13 - 104ml. The most consistent place in their studies was a small town in Italy.
I can add to their study!...in Berkeley and Oakland, California, I never know what size my espresso will be. I'll be in Australia in a few weeks....I can add more to their study!!!
"We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth."
This is the opinion of neuroeconomist Paul Zak, who studies the effects of oxytocin [the love hormone] in great detail.
He also does TED talks. Here is a link to him.
...I read some more...good news!!. Having a pet, getting a massage, or the simple act of having positive interactions produces similar effects.

...so I conscientiously did my (unpaid) coffee field research in Australia for 10 days....and it turns out that their "cup of coffee" is approximately 120 ml...and it is called a "long black". Their espressos are in the 15 ml range.
So now I'm wondering if the scientists in Scotland, Italy and Spain, who found coffees as short as 13 ml, were drinking espressos or long blacks.
Doing coffee field trip research in Paddington, Sydney...notice the size of a  "cup of coffee" in the brown cup (called a "long black"), and the size of an "espresso" in the red cup.
Playing in the dirt (gardening) makes us happy.
Who would know?
The bacterium Mycobacterium Vaccae, found in soil, apparently causes our cytokine levels to rise, which gives us higher levels of serotonin...which makes us more relaxed and happy!
The bacterium was tested (ingestion and injection) on rats and the results showed increased cognitive ability, lower stress and better concentration on tasks. 
Gardeners get their dose by inhaling the bacteria or getting it on their skin.

I wonder what the little rat tasks were?? Meanwhile I'll keep gardening.
Blood infused from young mice into older mice, causes a rejuvenation of muscles and the brain in the older mice!! Harvard and UCSF have both found similar results. 
I guess we should be careful who we get a blood transfusion from!!! It's bound to work the other way as well.
Nigel the parrot, missing for 4 years, has come home speaking Spanish!

A pet parrot named Nigel who spoke with a British accent when he disappeared from his home 4 years ago has been reunited with his owner using information on his microchip - and the bird now speaks Spanish.
Read more from The Daily Breeze

We may not need to bathe!....just spray ourselves with a mix of probiotics which then feed on the ammonia in our sweat.
Here's the link to David Whitlock’s work with his product, called AO+
his could be the answer to water shortages. He hasn't showered for 12 years, and is apparently "'good to go."