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"traveling with Vicki to listen to music" page!


Each week I travel to somewhere in the world and give an introduction to an instrument or musicians in that region with video links to listen to. I start with a brief video of me talking about the topic for the week, and it can include:

-     interesting facts behind the music

-     how you might approach listening to the music

-     history of the instrument (maybe 3000 years)

-     background of the development of the music

The series was designed for my piano students, however, as it evolved, I came to see that it's interesting for all of us to reflect on the vast beauty of instruments in the world and the musicians that play them. 

I absolutely believe that it's good for all of us to expand the styles of music that we listen to, and that it makes us a better musician & a better person!...whether we perform, compose or listen...


Week 5 traveling with Vicki to listen to music...Spain

The original heart of flamenco is the cante [song] and the baile [dance]

...however this week we're going to explore the rise of toque or flamenco guitar.

                          (Photos are of an 1860 guitar designed and built by…

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