Sep 16, 2018...Check out my new solo piano CD titled Tango en Piano ~ 11 piezas de Astor Piazzolla. listen here!

Plus I've just added recordings I made of:

Shostakovich's Prelude and Fugue op 87 no. 14 in Eb minor, Schubert's Impromtu op 142 no. 1, and Cesar Frank's Prelude, Chorale and Fugue. 

The concert in March 2017 was an amazing night!! I got to bring together cello, bass, percussion, two Tango dancers, and new watercolors by Kevin Woodson.
Seven videos from the night , all new original music, are on the 'videos Mar 2017' page.


In concert, Mar 18 2017, surrounded by art, in Kala Gallery, Berkeley CA

In concert, Mar 18 2017, surrounded by art, in Kala Gallery, Berkeley CA

Vicki Lee Trimbach ~ Pianist , Composer & Teacher

I write Classical music for the 21st is melodic and rhythmic.”

— Vicki T.

Listen to my music on my ' recordings ' page...the tracks are complete, not reduced.
... and have a look at a list of the music I've composed (up till July 2017) on my ' compositions ' page.

I'm a Classically trained pianist / composer who has studied flamenco dance for 15 years. In the past 2 years I have added classes in Argentinian Tango.
I listen to many types of music, but in particular I like hip hop....I like its clear multi layers, its complexity of rhythms, and its poetry.

When I write music, I'm trying to put rhythms and melodies of our time into instruments and music forms that go back in time....for example, I'll write chamber music for the combination of didjeridu, cello and flute. I have an affinity with the appears in a number of my compositions.

Most of my music includes a cello. The color and range of the cello make it beautiful to write music for.

...Vicki T.








Have a listen (and look) at my Dance Drama from 2015, called "Shattered"

hattered is a 14 minute Dance Drama for cello, didjeridu, piano, tenor and dancer.
This recording is from the premiere at my concert in March 2015.