May 2015...."Shattered", a 14 minute Dance Drama from my Mar 2015 concert, features didjeridu, cello, piano, tenor and dancer.
Nov 2013... premiere of my short opera (17 mins) titled "Non mi riguardi" (Don't Look Back at Me).
The opera is for tenor, cello, piano & flamenco dancer.
The background story and subtitles are included in the video.
Here's a series of 7 Cello Miniatures that I wrote with the intention of making each one a 1-2 minute video.
The three lines of verse at the opening of each video is the inspiration behind each piece of music. The style of music
varies greatly between each video.
In Miniature no.2 I'm using my feet and clapping as instruments, and in Miniature no.4 I'm ordering a complex cup of coffee. Thanks to Cheryl Magat from Peet's Coffee for the lyrics...because all I ever drink is expresso or black coffee.
I was in the Seattle Museum of Modern Art, and they had a special Andy Warhol exhibit. There were (approx) 10 minute films of the close up faces of some of his friends. The films were mezmorizing, as you stared at the large (2 metre?) projections of the faces looking into the camera...the subtle changes...the flickering of emotions across their faces.
It gave me the idea to do a video, single take, concentrating on face and hands, playing Mad Rush by Philip Glass.
Recorded in my studio, this is a composition by Dan Reiter, the cellist in this recording.