The types of fats in our cell walls change the types of proteins, etc that go in and out.

“an imbalance between saturated and unsaturated phospholipids readily affects Endothelial Reticulum [ER] biogenic activity, inducing a stress response that can trigger cell death.”

That would be a fancy way of saying that every type of fat we eat alters the integrity and function of every cell in our body.
It also indicates to me why eating junky oils or fats, or eating low-fat or no-fat food makes no sense. Good fats and oils are literally holding the cells of our body [and mind] together...I feel good that I'm eating olive oil, coconut oil and ghee.
When we eat fats we are literally creating the walls of the cells in our body.

In Nature, Joost C.M. Holthuis and Anant K. Menon give an insight into lipids: the building blocks of cell membranes. The paper, “Lipid landscapes and pipelines in membrane homeostasis,” describes the processes that maintain cell integrity.

You can read highlights from the paper from the article in