A connection between the flu and gut biome...in particular black tea, blueberries & wine.

Another post on gut biome!

If you get the flu, eat blueberries, and drink black tea and red wine to stop lung infection.

In a nutshell, certain gut microbes (Clostridium orbiscindens) love to eat the flavonoids in foods like black tea, blueberries and red wine. When mice were given a by product of the digestion of these foods, and then given the flu,  they didn't get the severe lung problems that the other mice got.

To be specific, the digestion of black tea, blueberries & red wine results in in the production of DAT (desaminotyrosine) which alters the immune system. To be specific it triggers type 1 interferon.

Here's the abstract: sciencemag.org

And here's a friendlier description of what happens: medicine.wustl.edu