Week 1 traveling with Vicki to listen to music...India

First watch the video of me talking about the music:

Watch my video here

and then watch the music video

The music video is of 2 incredible musicians from India performing at the Crossroads Festival in Krakow, Poland.

Zakir Hussain, playing tabla (Indian drum)

Rakesh Chaurasia, playing bansuri (Indian wooden flute)

During my video I held up a piece of paper with some important moments that you can jump to

...but maybe you can listen through the whole of the 52 minutes? It is a spectacular music voyage!


Here are those moments:

 0:00  -  1:50   the musicians are preparing

 1:50                bansuri solo

 8:30                the tabla enters

27:57               the musicians 'break' ie. they arrive at an important moment in the music perfectly                                      together. The crowd loves this! and so do the musicians, but they keep going.

31:29               another spectacular arrival or  'break' in the music

36.30               tabla solo

45.00 - 47:00   absolutely amazing fast tabla playing

47:38               I'll leave you to describe this moment!

50:00               playful imitation of the bansuri by the tabla

52:20               the music voyage ends.


...and I want to correct my pronunciation of Rakesh Chaurasia's last name. In the video I say Chausaria.


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