Week 4 traveling with Vicki to listen to music...China

We are going to listen to the guqin, an ancient Chinese plucked instrument that dates back more than 3000 years....possibly 5000 years, and we are going to do it by listening to Upwards to the Moon, the closing theme to the Chinese TV drama "Ashes of Love."

In Oct 2018, over 6,000,000 people had watched this video! You can also  listen to me talk about some interesting details surrounding this ancient instrument.

After listening to this, you may need some more gentle guqin music. Here are some links for you:

Last Dance, memories of beautiful love (3:03).

Plum Blossoms, ancient Chinese music (7:30).

Big Fish and Begonia, theme song to 2016 Chinese animation fantasy film (3:28).

Flowing Water, ancient Chinese music (8:26).

Romance of the Three Kingdoms, theme to 1980's Chinese drama (3:54).

le Moine Errant (haiku), composed by Arnaud Delannoy 2013 (1:00).

Ode to Living in the Mountains, ancient Chinese music from the Song Dynasty 960-1279 (5:31).

White Snow, ancient Chinese music (6:53).

And here is the first piece Upwards to the Moon being sung (with translation). The words are so beautiful and poetic.

Don't you love the titles of the music!



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